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I’m feeling especially ‘Earthy’ today.  I even prepared this post more in advance than I would for a normal post!  Maybe this year will be more productive than the last.  Or maybe it’s my coffee.  Whatever the case, I have some great Earth Day finds to share…

What better way to conserve your resources and funds than to bring your lunch from home?  And while you’re at it, why not make it a sandwich?  Maybe even the ultimate in carbon footprint reduction: a pb&j, or even a pb and honey, sandwich.  The stats she lists are eye-opening.  That post was the basis for my lunch choice today.  So I, too, challenge you…whether you make it at home, or order it out…eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.

Just a few of the many options for sandwich transportation include reusable bags.  I think it’s great…if I was to save all the bags I’d used over the past year, for my lunch, for the kids’ lunches…it’s kind of scary to think how much we’ve spent, how much we’ve thrown away. This blogger is having a giveaway on her crafty sister’s eco-friendly sandwich bags.  And this blogger’s Etsy store has 44 sandwich bags to choose from, and features a drawing for a free order.  And this little piggy went “weee wee weeee weeee”, all the way home.  jk.

Finally, I found another discount on Lunchskins sub and sandwich bags at this site.  Ok, I think that’s all for now.  Whatever you decide to do to make a difference on this Earth Day, enjoy it!


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…was Dr. Evil’s answer to the question posed by Austin Powers: “Do you really expect them to pay?”  I can’t remember which one of the Powers series this was from.  I think that anyone will pay, and die (eventually, but just a little sooner than most) if they feast regularly on this new KFC sandwich (a.k.a.: the Double Down).  Scaa-ry!

It actually looks good.  But scary at the same time.  I think if no one was watching, and I could have someone order it for me, and deliver it to me, I might eat it.  Just once.  And half for now, half for later.  But buying that sandwich and eating in the KFC is like saying, “Look at me!  I’m a friggin’ animal!  I don’t want to live a long life!”  So maybe I have a double standard.  I just don’t know anymore.

I’m not even certain why KFC would want to market this evil thang.  I do know that there’s some humor in gawking at how monstrous this sandwich is.  Tee hee.

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