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Panera Bread

They have a Panera near my work now.  It definitely beats T-Bell and other horrendous choices in my location of working for the man.  It’s a fairly new location, and I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten to it before now!  It was pretty good, too.  Today’s sandwich is the Italian Combo, and drink is the Caramel Iced Coffee.  Tastee. 

panera's italian combo


This wasn’t earth-shattering, but dammit, it’s better than the fast-food sandwich joints around.  Even better than some local sandwich delis.  I’m really looking forward to trying some of Panera’s panini sandwiches.  That will be most excellent.  No complaints, though…everything was really good; I would recommend Panera to a friend.  Or you.  What’ve you got to lose?


I forgot the pickle spear in above pic.  Oh, and the straw that comes with the frozen coffee.  That is great.  Different color with different drink.  And huge!  No missing with these bad boys.  Like a miniature blowgun.  You could fit something obscene in that.

biggie straws


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Son of a motherless goat I STILL spelled it wrong!  My previous “Weinerschnitzel Day” should have been “Wienerschnitzel Day”.  I before E, except after C.  Didn’t I just emblazen that into my son’s head during homework?  Yes, I’m a hypocrite.

In the works: I missed National Cheeseburger Day, so I’ll make up for it by posting something soon about an AWESOME (no really…AWESOME) article in Texas Monthly about the 50 best burgers.  Ever.  And where to get them.  And stuff.  Don’t want to wait ’til October for National Hamburger Day. 

Ok, so have a great week, “I’ll see you when I see you (too much Ocean’s 13 influence).”

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robble_robbleWhat would you do for a cheese sandwich?  I’m not sure about breaking and entering, but hey, if the need outweighs the risk, you just can’t resist a nice, warm cheese sandwich (look under “Silver Spring Township Police” in the link above).  I just hope it was good cheese worth the risk.

Thanks to Tender B. for sending this in.

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Weinerschnitzel Day

wienerschnitzel08OMGOMGOMG it’s Weinerschnitzel Day!  I’ve ignored my calendar for a little while, and that’s what I get.  Literally no heads up until the day is here.  And as much as I hate to use the term, I am truly “stoked” (because there is no other term to express the happiness and excitement I felt as I saw the event on the calendar) to celebrate this day.

But alas, I cannot, for two reasons.  1.  There’s a slim-to-none chance that I will travel to the nearest Weinerschnitzel (or what my better half likes to degradingly call the “hot dog store”…grrrr) to bask in the chili cheese glorification that is my true emotivication.  Celebration will have to wait for the near future when I can sneak off to partake in the festivities (and sneaking off to the Wschnitzel is down to a science…more on that another time) and go all NOM NOM NOM on the goods.  2.  I’ve just learned that W-Day is not really the celebration of eating a beautiful Weinerschitzel item or three, it is actually a reference to something more like the American chicken-fried steak.  The Austrian weinerschnitzel isn’t actually something I’d like to try anytime soon.  Veal.  Bleeah.  I shouldn’t really knock it ’til I try it, but still.  What a friggin’ let-down.  schnitzel

I would still celebrate what, in my mind, is the real meaning of W-Day by going to W-Schnitzel (it’s just too much to spell every time) and loving it.  But since I cannot, please make this every bit of reason to go and celebrate!  I will shed a tear of nonparticipatory angst, and another for the joy you may experience today.  Happy W-Day (sniffsniff).

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