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as Schroeder would say in my favorite, most offensive Charlie Brown Christmas parody the world has ever seen (via youtube). Bad taste? Yes. Funny…yes please. But alas, I am off topic. I do want you to check this out though…a certain gentleman of the blogging variety has recently displayed his craftsmanship on none other than…yes – a killer sandwich. And the bread that binds it. If the sandwich wasn’t enough to drool over, the brioche is equally superior, made from sCRRratch. Like with the raw ingredients.

The photos are great, the construction sequence images are dreamy.  And the cheese is boss.  Anyhow, this is a MUST SEE.  This is art, my friend.  For the love of Pete (or peat, if you’re into moss), GO NOW!!!



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Spam attack!

No really.  Spam!  As in, not the email kind.  The real spam, from the blue can.  No wait, here’s one…what looks like ham, is coated in gelatinous goo, and looks good enough to eat?  No, not your gramma’s feet!  …oh, you heard that one, huh.  Enough…here it is: the footage that was nearly banned from Youtube and is now required to feature this MPAA warning for the elderly, pregnant, or faint of heart –
“The following video may cause seizures, vomiting, and/or incontinence.  View at your own risk.”

It’s like a bad habit. Look, I don’t smoke pot, or drink…but everyone’s got a vice. Mine is the occasional Spam sandwich.

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