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something new

…to me, at least. I’ve decided it’s time to come out from under my rock and ”explore some more”. (Long story.) Why no one else urged me to go sooner, I don’t know. My wife gave me the push to get things rolling. Whole Foods Market, whose company name started here in Austin on Lamar St., opened back in 1980, I think. Since then, they’ve acquired stores all across the US. This place spanks, seriously.

It’s not just the style and the ambiance of the place that make it an experience more than an errand. The service was really, really good. I’ve never had anyone approach me to ask if all is well, at a grocery store or market. And when they helped, they were on it like white on rice. Only downside is the price of everything. Not insane, just a bit higher than what I’m used to paying. It’s worth it, though.

On my way out, I saw the pizza/sandwich/whatnot deli. You can sit down and order at the bar. The sandwiches in the display were….rockin’ like there was no tomorrow. Got to…try one…next time! If it’s for this reason alone, I’m coming back for mo’.

(a little souvenir)

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an affair to forget

I’ve recently cheated on my host with another. Sure, it was tempting at first: no ads or banners and bells and whistles. But sure enough, there were the unforeseen shortcomings. Besides, my regular host has bigger storage space.

I feel so dirty and ashamed…I love you, Tripod. Now if we can just take care of those damn ads & banners (no one’s perfect).

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