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Technology has made it possible to bypass all the unpleasantness of interruptions during a lengthy movie; it has taken this long for our civilization to have such convenience available via Tivo and the like. But I’ve made a valuable discovery today.

When else could you get up to make another sandwich? Or to pour yourself and the one you love another drink? Take a bathroom break? Tell the kids to behave? The point is this: commercials have a point. You are giving life to that second sandwich that would have never existed without a commercial break. You are the real hero, thanks to our friends in the advertising business.

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Well, one thing’s for sure. It’s not the best thing to eat a fattie PBJ sandwich and watch some prima ballerina in a Pas de Quatre on the Arts channel at 10:30pm. Watching her, so light and delicate, and being aware of my own state of being, scarfing my sandwich and more out of shape by the second, makes me feel lazy. But I know I am already. It just emphasizes the fact.

Make sure to watch or listen to something, anything, other than ballet when eating a sandwich. I’ll never do it again.

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