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From today’s news out of Hanson, Mass.  For real.  I mean, I know the guy didn’t get what he expected, but there are better ways to get the deli to correct your order.  This is just funny.  Or sad. 

This is in Massachusetts, right?  Perhaps the man used his sandwich as a weapon of Mass destruction?  Maybe he used his sandwich as a sub for a real weapon?  If he planned on beating someone, he might have ordered a Club Sandwich instead…okay, enough attempts at lame humor.



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ling_swPeep this!  Yahoo had a headline photo of recently pardoned Laura Ling, sister of Lisa Ling (oh, those glorious Channel One mornings in school), and Euna Lee, both held captive for five months in the Kim Jong Il-mobile producing country of North Korea. 

Anyhow, Bill Clinton worked his magic and ,voila, the ladies are set free!  Anyhow the stars of this photo are, of course, the two journalists, but let’s not forget the sandwich!  Laura is holding a fat sandwich with a bite taken out of it.  The fame, the limelight!  Sandwich, you are a star, even if just for a day (in the midst of National Sandwich Month.  More on that later).

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