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Who’s your daddy, little Double Down?  The KFC Double Down Zinger King.  I’m not writing that again; let’s just call it “zinger.”  I won’t even capitalize it.  That’s how lazy I am, and I do enough email composition during the day that I feel requires me to use proper grammar, sp., caps, etc.  I’m at home now and this is leisure writing, bitches.  I’m getting off-topic, and for that, I apologize.

kfc korea

This mother is called, well never mind.  It’s the zinger.  I just introduced it a paragraph ago; my bad!  So apparently, KFC in Korea has introduced this death trap.  Although, unless they are planning on having a large number of Americans visit their country (I don’t even know if this is North or South…I’ll bet on South or we wouldn’t be hearing about it unless Kim Jong-Il’s son, whateverhisnameis, gave his approval.  And attached some nuclear weapon to it.) What was I saying; oh yes.  I can’t see South Koreans purchasing this and consuming it.  Now some Americans who aren’t on the fitness craze, like most of the midwest and southern states, yes.  Oooh, BURN!  jk.  But maybe relatively true.  Come on; admit it, southern friends.  How many neighbors do you know that eat well and exercise and TRY to stay healthy?  I know.  But this bastard is worse than the original double down, and that looked pretty artery-clogging to begin with, don’t you think?  I must confess that many many years ago, I did try a double down.  After bashing it in an older post on this very blog.  And it wasn’t nearly as gnarly as it looked.  It was considerable smaller and thinner.  But I must have also been damn hungry to want it.  And I was, and it was good, for the reals.  But I never ate one again.  It’s one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ kinda things that you just gotta do.  Not proud I did, or whatever, but hey, I went there.

I guess the bottom line is, why, I ask, did KFC decide to bump it up a notch?  And a KFC Korea at that?  I would love to know.  But probably never will.  And also, for the bottom line, I’d like to say that this sandwich exists.  Just for existing’s sake.


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lemon sandwich

Apparently, there’s no one left in the UK to make a proper sandwich.  Fearmongering, indeed, as one tweeter put it.  This is a meh article regarding the outsourcing of sandwich-making at a British company, Greencore Group.  Apparently, execs from the company are flying to Hungary to find laborers to make their sandwiches.  I think they chose the country because they must have logically deduced that Hungary sounds very much like “hungry”…and feeding hungry consumers is their business…eh?  Eh?

drums joke

However, it is nice to see news of sandwiches prominently displayed.  Maybe not headline news but it didn’t take a lot of scrolling to see this bit in Mashable.  Wow, it’s been 4 years more or less since my last post.  Sorry friends.  I love you and I promise that you are not forgotten.  For the love of sandwiches, I am forever yours.  Ok I’m getting weird.  Will post more soon, fo’ sho’!

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