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McDowell’s!? Aaaaaggh!

This past weekend, I told my better half about how there are other sites and blogs dedicated to sandwiches out there, and one in particular that I’ve admired from time to time because of its style, content, and followers. And how I’ve made one-way contact with the guy who runs the joint, but that he’d never responded on any occasion.

So all of this was new to her, apparently. And she thought it was funny, how I loathe this other site/blog because he actually has readers and does other cool things like publish a book of grocery lists, 365 photos, etc. A creative powerhouse, apparently. And she laughed, wide-eyed, when another thought came into her head. “What?” I asked. “What?!” After a moment, she said,”You’re McDowell’s!”

To which I thought for no more than a split second, because I totally understood what she was saying, and said, “Aw, hail no! I ain’t no McDowell’s! That is not cool.” That example, straight out of Coming to America, was a pretty damn good analogy. I must admit it. I’m not jazzed about it, but what am I gonna do?

In essence, I’m not really sure why I keep the site and blog for Sandwich Lover’s Club. But I do know that it makes me happy to express some interest in this one particular type of food which I love, even if no one’s reading. And if they are, then that’s just dandy! Thanks for reading; I hope you enjoy the content.


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It’s nice to have validation every now and then. Hell, even my regular daily blog gets no action. But I know that other sandwich-minded individuals out there, like this friend with really insightful posts, make my sandwich blog’s survival worthwhile. Dammit; he even found my piece on food & emotions!

Anywho, I just wanted to give a shout-out to all you sandwich lovers out there…keep fighting, keep dreaming, and keep eating incredible sandwiches. Peace!

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