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Lots to celebrate!

grilled-cheese-invitatational-oaklandTuesday, April 1, is important for many reasons:

1.  It is April Fool’s Day.  Enough said.

2.  It is National Sourdough Bread Day.  And what can we use sourdough bread for?  Hmmmmm. 

3.  It is the first day of National Grilled Cheese Month!!!  Oh my, how I love my grilled cheese madness!  So much so, that there will be a few contests this month in honor of NGCM.  They all involve making/eating/loving/being the grilled cheese.  Stay tuned for details!

By all means, celebrate tomorrow!  And subscribe to stay up to date with new contest details as soon as they’re available


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Chicken PizziolaThis is, hands down, my favorite Subway sandwich.  Featuring grilled chicken breast, pepperoni, marinara sauce, and whatever other ingredients you care to add to it, how can I resist?  My favorite adds are provolone cheese, pickles (?…amazingly good though; try it you must), a bit of ranch dressing, oregano, parmesan, toasted.

The name is somewhat of a mystery, as is its availability, as it resides on the Secret Menu more times than none: 1.  “Pizzaiola” refers to a sauce of tomato and basil; but Subway uses their meatball sauce (fine with me); yet the name of the sandwich may be a misspelling of the original “pizzaiola”.  I could not find “pizziola” on google without reference to this particular sandwich.  Maybe it’s a Subway-coined term?  2.  The Chicken Pizziola was once found on the menu of many local Subways, then dissappeared, which caused me to explain to some sandwich artists how to make the sandwich…they are happy to oblige.  At some point years later, it re-appeared and was featured sometime after the $5 menu was created (and disappeared again after all subs went $5).  In essence, the elusivity of the Pizziola is common, but if you know about it…well then, you are truly fortunate!

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Sandwich Squabbing

I love finding other sandwich-related sites, blogs, etc. I enjoy it even more when there’s tension! Not really, but it’s entertaining to keep up with it. I feel giddy like a little schoolgirl getting the gossip.

So here’s what we have so far: our friend at Simply Sandwiches has beef (corned or roast? I don’t know either…cue the drum & cymbal joke sound) with a similarly educational/entertaining blog at Unbreaded.

Also in the news: the case of conjoined, now separated, twins. I like the logo of Scanwich better, and the scans are raw, real-life images that tell it like it is. That’s what NYC is about (I would imagine). The claim is that the imitator is Scanwiches, created earlier this year in New York as well. Scanwiches has a more artistic, clean approach to the scans, and labels the two coexisting blogs as a coincidence.

Really choice and entertaining reading to check out (your cue to do so now)… I can appreciate each side, because I’m not directly involved, and can see the worth of each site’s offerings to the public. And the drama is a good thing sometimes. “These are great days we’re living, bros.”

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What better use of chips than to put them in a sandwich? Maybe a bit on the elementary side, but why should you grow out of it after a certain age?

I used to make these all the time at lunch. It just makes it more fun to put two items together and make something new! Isn’t that human nature? You take hydrogen, oxygen, and you’ve got water; kool-aid and sugar, and you’ve got drink. A girl and a boy, and you’ve got a bit of love! I say chips and a sandwich make a chip sandwich, and it totally reinvents the sandwich as we know it. Simple and crunchy.

In celebration of National Chip Day, I will make a chip sandwich, and I will like it. In fact, if anyone sends in a photo of a chip sandwich they make between now and Monday, March 16, 2009, I will mail you some SandwichLoversClub flair. Yes I will.

Happy Chip Day!

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I don’t know the origins of some of these holidays. I only know they must be celebrated! More reason to celebrate by having a sandwich today. Damn, if this guide to cold cuts doesn’t clog your arteries just looking at it, I don’t know what will. Hooray!!

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Poll Results

An incredible 4 votes have been tallied, re-tallied, and tallied thrice (due to a hanging chad). Thanks for your vote! Results are as follows:

3 out of 4 sandwich lovers prefer to have the work done for them. They trust the judgement of others and are satisfied with the results that are provided. Which is totally reasonable. If I had someone to make a sandwich for me, I’d eat it, too.

25% of voters count on none other than their loving spouse to make their sandwich for them. They know that their loved one’s skills and experience far exceed that of their local deli and that the end product is made to order.

I did not vote. But if I did, I’d be the only fool making my own sandwich. Because I know how I like it. Come to think of it, that’s probably me making the sandwich for the voter who has their sandwich made for them by their spouse! Dammit. Hold on a sec… (sigh)…she wants me to make her a sandwich.

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