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What the hell is it!?  I’ve had this on my calendar for the longest, and looked into it this morning.  A bit here and there, and probably much more that I missed.  Apparently the consensus is that you buy cheese and sacrifice some (I’d have a hard time sacrificing the whole thing) to the mouse trap(s).  Sounds like an historic holiday.


I say we reinvent the meaning of the the Day; not let it die off, but just give new blood to the meaning.  I mean it’s not like we live in Manhattan in 1905, or in France; we have exterminators for mice problems and such.  Anyhow, ideas are welcome.  One would be to sacrifice a little extra money on some really good cheese.  Or just money that was intended for something else, like rent, and buy cheese with some of it.  Something like that.  And it would still be a national celebration!  And the dairy industry would make a killing on us that day.   It’s a win/win situation, really.  All terms of the holiday would then be met…National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day.

This Friday, July 29, is NCSPD (sorry; that’s a lot to spell out).  Damn, I love cheese.

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