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lemon sandwich

Apparently, there’s no one left in the UK to make a proper sandwich.  Fearmongering, indeed, as one tweeter put it.  This is a meh article regarding the outsourcing of sandwich-making at a British company, Greencore Group.  Apparently, execs from the company are flying to Hungary to find laborers to make their sandwiches.  I think they chose the country because they must have logically deduced that Hungary sounds very much like “hungry”…and feeding hungry consumers is their business…eh?  Eh?

drums joke

However, it is nice to see news of sandwiches prominently displayed.  Maybe not headline news but it didn’t take a lot of scrolling to see this bit in Mashable.  Wow, it’s been 4 years more or less since my last post.  Sorry friends.  I love you and I promise that you are not forgotten.  For the love of sandwiches, I am forever yours.  Ok I’m getting weird.  Will post more soon, fo’ sho’!


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