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Good weekend, no doubt.  I filled my regular role as “voice-activated light stand” for my wife (herein known as “T”), who does wedding photography, this weekend.  We drove to the little town of Marlin, Texas.  We left right after sunset, back to Austin.  So, as we got started out of the parking lot, I connected the gps to the power charger, which decided not to work.  A little panic set in.  We stopped at a gas station on the edge of the town; a guy gave me pretty convincing directions that eventually led us to a 10-mile county road that ended on a dirt path to nothing.  Scaa-ry!  Maybe I could use my phone to check out google maps, right?  No.  T wouldn’t let me, as it was a creepy environment all around (literally like the middle of BFE), like someone could sneak up and do us harm if we were just sitting there, she says.  Grrr.  We had just recently finished watching the 2nd season of Dexter, so I guess I understood.

And she’s no good with her phone, citing directions via online maps.  “How do I know where FM 1847 is if I can’t see it!?  Just look at the map near Marlin and zoom in!”  I told her, but she doesn’t roll that way; not a ‘visual’ person like I am or something.  “Okay, so, worst case scenario, if we stay lost on these backroads forever, we’ll just sleep in the car on the side of the road until we can see what’s going on out there in the morning.”  Dumb thought, but I was starting to freak, and we were all mad with each other; we couldn’t agree on a strategy.

So one of the options we couldn’t agree on was to take the first county road we were on, and drive 20 more miles north to Waco, then go back the opposite direction once we find I35 to Austin.  So during that last ditch effort that she wasn’t happy about, she told me to pull over again at this tiny grocery stop and ask for directions again.  So these directions were golden.

Back on I35, heading south to home, then when we stop so T can go to the restroom, I find the “other” car charger for the gps.  GRRRR!  Of course I plug it in and wham-o; it powers on like nothing was ever wrong.  Fun.  I give T this look when she’s coming back to the car, like, ‘what the hell is this’, and she shares in my frustration.  But by then, it was a relief that we were already on our way to a comfy night at home.

The pics were worth it, though.  And there was this huge friggin rainbow before the reception was done, like I mean wide!  And bright.  T was able to get some shots.  I think it’s the largest rainbow I’ve ever seen.  It was hard not to point at it.  I’ve never known what that’s about, pointing at rainbows, but I don’t really want to incur the wrath of some leprechaun, either.

Oh, and the best part of the trip, by far: the barbecue that was sent home with us.  My god, man!  We made some sandwiches out of it, brisket and sausage halfies.  Wow.  This was good.  Seems like the smaller the town, the better the bbq, T said.  I think she’s on to something!


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