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OMG.  A colleague just sent me this link.  It is enough to screw my New Year’s diet and live a short but happy life.  This has got to be the most beautiful display of sandwichery I’ve ever beheld.  Tell me if I’m wrong, and you know of better out on the internets, because hot-damn, these look good.

Not that I wouldn’t eat them, but seriously, I really do need to make some changes in my lifestyle…I learned of my high blood pressure situation like the day after Christmas.  And I’m actually sticking to my exercise and better diet!  I mean, what choice do I have, right.  Get healthy or die trying.  Like Yoda says, “Do or do not.  There is no try.”

And since I’m sitting still long enough to have actually logged in and created a new post in what, 2 months or something? I should say “Happy New Year” to you!  I hope you had a festive old time during your Christmahannukwaanzakah and have an excellent 2010.  May many a sandwich cross your path!


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